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ARCAS. Rescue center for wild animals. Permanent need of volunteers.

ProPetén. Foundation for environment preservation and local development in the Petén. Website in Spanish.

Biological station "Las Guacamayas". Volunteering programs.


ECOSUR: South Mexican scientific research center. Website in Spanish.

Ecotouristic center "Las Guacamayas". Preservation program for the scarlet macaw. Possibilities of volunteering. Contact us to have more information.

Xyaat. Local ecotourism cooperative in Maya zone. Website in Spanish.

Akumal ecological center. Environmental research and education in the Caribbean area. Volunteering program for marine turtles, coast management, water quality, etc.

Tziscao Organic coffee. Organic coffee production and marketing in Chiapas area. Possibilities of volunteering. Website in Spanish.


MINAET: website of the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Communications. Website in Spanish. Site en espagnol.

SINAC: Official website of Costa Rican protected areas.

INBio: Biodiversity National Institute.. Biodiversity research and management center.

CCT: Centre scientifique tropical.

CCC: Caribbean Conservation Corporation. Volunteering programs for sea turtles.

ANAI: Association for environment preservation in the South Caribbean. Volunteering programs for sea turtles.


Jatun Sacha Fundation: Network of biological stations. Reception of scientists and students. Many volunteering opportunities.

Ikiam project. Immersion in an indigenous community in the Amazon. Volunteering opportunities in education.

Cabanas nanambiikie. Socially responsible tourism to an indigenous community in Amazon.

Yasuni Research Station.