Selva, the Forest in the Tropics


Second place Award at the Vendée Nature Film Festival 2013 of the Landes-Genusson.

Award "Look of the Young" at the International Ornithological film festival 2012 of Menigoute.

Award "Know and Protect Your Nature" at the International Ornithological Film Festival 2012 of Menigoute.

Award "Bronze Hedgehog", at the Film Festival of Nature and Environment of Grenoble 2012 by FRAPNA.

Award for the "Best Medium-Length Documentary" at the Film Festival of Nature 2012 of Murs-Erigné.

Award "Young Filmmaker" at the International Adventure Film Festival 2012 of Dijon.

Award "Give a Boost" (short-film version) at the International Film Festival of Nature 2012 of Namur.

DVD Selva film


Film in HD quality
Length: 52 minutes
Available on DVD French version (soon with English subtitles).

Directing: Marie-Anne Bertin et Sylvain Lefebvre
Editing/calibration: Robin Lefebvre
Sound mixing and soundtrack: Damien Pizzimenti
Read by: Annaïg Philouze

Price: 19 euros including shipment costs (delivery time is extended to 4 or 5 days for orders outside France).

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With a backpack, some pocket money and a small camera in the hand, Marie-Anne and Sylvain leave France for two years to totally immerse in tropical forests of the New World. From Mexico to Ecuador passing by Guatemala and Costa Rica, their expedition is part of a big project on environmental education.

All along this adventure, during the day or night, the jungle will engulf young naturalists and unfold his wealth to them: stick insects, coatis, spider monkeys, Twig snakes, toucans... so many species making of this ecosystem one of the biggest reserves of biodiversity on the Earth.

Together with Pancho and Nelly, two aborigines they met in the very heart of Amazon of Ecuador, Marie-Anne and Sylvain will learn how to decipher tropical forests: to identify major species, to fish without nylon lines or hooks, to hunt without a rifle. A journey 100% natural in the heart of the selva!

Green hell for explorers or the Garden of Eden for biologists, the jungle surprises us without ending. This naturalist road-movie submerges us in the universe inflaming our imagination. While following daily life of these two photographers and self-taught filmmakers, the documentary "Selva" presents us a general ecology of tropical rainforests and the extraordinary diversity of species they shelter. An invitation to the trip on ecology and solidarity, a tribute to the biodiversity.