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Marie-Anne BERTIN et Sylvain LEFEBVRE

Exode Tropical is first of all the history of the people passionate about nature. It begins in 2004, when Sylvain Lefebvre, the then student in biology, makes his first photo reportage in Madagascar and founds an association of environmental education. Shortly afterwards Marie-Ann Bertin joins him. She is a young agronomist who shares this love of biodiversity, animal photography and travel. With their desire to take off, to live the adventure hand in hand, Marie-Ann and Sylvestre remain two principal leaders of Exode Tropical.

For nine years now they have been giving their time, energy, to help discover around them the magic of rainforests and the threats weighing heavy on their future. During these nine years they learned (absolutely self-taught) animal photography, making of a documentary, web site programming, report writing and video editing.

Today Exode Tropical does not have any employees, is not financed by any institution and does not require any membership fee. Initially financed by their personal financial contributions, members now try to get the aid for the projects of the association by means of the rights of their film distribution, sales of DVDs and photos or rent of exhibitions.

Apart from buying our film " SELVA" on DVD, you can easily encourage us, help us and play a role in the protection of rainforests, all without putting your hands in your pocket! Click here to learn how to ACT together with Exode Tropical!

Exode Tropical is also a network of skills expanding further. We would like to sincerely thank all the people who helped us realize our recent projects:


Pierre Bertin : Cartoonist, author of illustrations for the exhibition "Let's go to the rainforests!".


Damien Pizzimenti : Sound engineer, author of mix and the original soundtrack of the film "SELVA, the forest in the tropics".


Robin Lefebvre : Editor and film editor of "SELVA, the forest in the tropics" and its short film version.


Yann Hénaut : Teacher, researcher in eco-ethology at the Mexican center Ecosur, scientific advisor to the exhibition "Let's go to the rainforests!".